A message to Parents and Students:

Unfortunately, our live origami classes, cultural demonstrations, and math presentations in schools, libraries, and museums have all been canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. We will certainly miss being with you in person.

The good news is that Origamido Studio has been sharing hundreds of our original origami designs to millions of students with video since 1991. Most of our origami titles with Tuttle Publishing contain DVDs AND now links to our streaming video clips on the Tuttle Publishing website.

For those of you with DVD players, be sure to select our books or kits (booklets of Michael's diagrams, my photos, and packs of paper) with the gold circle DVD emblem on the cover. For instance, our "Michael LaFosse's Origami Butterflies" (my favorite book) has 2 discs with FIVE HOURS of Michael's tutorials! (Why tie up that much streaming time when you can own the discs?)

Parents who now find themselves tasked with homeschooling duties will appreciate the fact that origami is an ideal way to introduce educational discipline- paying attention, following a precise sequence, the importance of folding neatly, etc. One of the most appealing aspects of origami is that with each step, the proof of your student's comprehension is right there in hand! No bluffing nor daydreaming allowed. Video also allows you to repeat a step as many times as needed. (We don't have that luxury in a class of 30 students.)

Our videos purposely do not present specific math curriculum topics because we use many math-rich models for different levels of instruction. So we customize the lesson for each level. You can do what we do in the classroom: After completing each step in the process, ask age-appropriate questions about the shapes, angles, divisions, etc. Use some models with older students to have them set up algebraic equations, calculate volumes, areas, etc. Try modular constructions to help build and hone motor skills. After a model is completed, have your student unfold it to examine and analyze the resulting crease pattern to see which parts of the square became which parts of the model. Utilize the papers in your recycling bin (take a look at our "Trash Origami" book). Take a break with our paper airplane fun folds. In short, have fun with it!

We also have posted several other original origami models on our YouTube video channel. If this hiatus continues, we are sure to upload many more.

Stay safe, fold on, and keep learning!

Origamido Studio
Richard Alexander, Pres.
Michael LaFosse, V.P.

Our Books and DVDs:

Explore our publications in detail from the summaries below. You can also see our products at Tuttle Publishing. If you've any questions, we look forward to hearing from you!

We design origami and author books and kits. Many also have companion video DVD's. To see which projects you can fold with each title, just click on the icon or title below, and then scroll down through the photos.

Origami Art Origami Art

Hardcover (8.5x11 inches, 144 pages)

15 projects

Fifteen exquisite folded paper designs from the Origamido Studio, suitable for the advanced-level folder. Also included are sections on paper selection, making your own paper, wetfolding and other surface decoration techniques, and much more! [more...]

Dollar Origami Dollar Origami

Book and DVD Hardcover, spiral-bound (7 x 10 inches, 96 pages) with 1 DVD

20 projects

In LaFosse and Alexander's Dollar Origami, the world-renowned origami artists and co-founders of the eminent Origamido Studio share twenty incredible creations specifically designed to be made out of dollar bills, with projects suitable for everyone from beginner to experienced folder. [more...]

Geometric Origami Mini Kit Geometric Origami Mini Kit

Book and DVDSoftcover with DVD and origami paper

6 projects

Get started on geometric-style origami with this mini kit, including DVD with complete video instructions for all 6 projects. [more...]

Mini Money Origami Mini Money Origami

Book and DVD Boxed Kit: paperback booklet, 40 practice bills, with DVD

5 projects

These fun dollar bill folding activities are sure to provide a wealth of enjoyment! Detailed print and DVD video instructions for each unique project. [more...]

Hira Ori Chris Palmer's Hira-Ori

120 minutes, menu-driven DVD

Chris K. Palmer's "Hira Ori" (flat fold in Japanese) DVD lesson begins with an amazing 10-minute Gallery of his folded paper designs, and progresses through a series of his Boxes, Flowers, and even a Tessellation.[more...]

Origami Jewelry Origami Jewelry

Book and DVDSoftcover (8.5x11 inches) 80 pages, with 1 DVD

Make your own beautiful origami jewelry with this book and DVD. [more...]

Advanced Origami Advanced Origami

Book and DVDSoftcover (8.5x11 inches, 128 pages)

15 projects

Now with our free, 2-hour DVD of Michael folding each project! "An Artist's Guide to Performances in Paper," this book is packed with information: instructions for folding 15 advanced pieces, plus techniques for preparing commercial papers for your projects, wet-folding, and even making your own origami paper! [more...]

Origami Endangered Animals Kit Origami Endangered Animals Kit

Book and DVDBoxed Kit (8.5 x 8.5 inches, 64 pages, 48 large sheets of animal print, double-sided paper)

12 projects

Origami Endangered Animals Kit contains 48 8" x8" sheets of high-quality double-sided, printed folding paper and a full-color 64-page instruction booklet with Michael's clear diagrams and photos. Access is included to the authors' online video demonstrations of each project. Projects range from simple to challenging. [more...]

Origami Butterflies Kit Origami Butterflies Kit

Boxed kit (12.3x6.3 inches) two 32-page booklets, 96 sheets of folding paper

Butterly Design System (infinite variations!) plus 12 projects

In addition to full instructions for 12 original butterflies, this kit teaches you the complete LaFosse Butterfly System, allowing you to move on to create your own new butterfly designs. [more...]

Japanese Paper Crafting Japanese Paper Crafting

Softcover (8.5x11 inches, 128 pages)

17 projects

Learn about and make your own washi, Japan's special handmade paper, plus 17 beautiful paper crafts including classic origami cranes and variations, bowls, boxes and hand-bound books. [more...]

Money Origami Money Origami Kit

Book and DVD Boxed Kit: (8.3x8.3 inches), 64-page booklet, 60 practice bills, and with DVD

21 projects

Easy-to-follow print and DVD video instructions for 21 fun and creative origami projects, plus 60 practice dollar bills. [more...]

Magic Rose Cube The Origami of Valerie Vann

115 minutes, menu-driven DVD

5 projects, plus variations

Learn the fabulous Magic Rose Cube and other fantastic modular creations in this easy-to-follow, step-by-step video DVD. [more...]

Origami Butterflies Mini Kit Origami Butterflies Mini Kit

Book and DVDBoxed Kit (5.5x5.5 inches) 32 page booklet, 40 sheets origami paper, with 1 DVD

6 projects

Learn six unique butterfly designs (plus variations) in this kit from the butterfly master. [more...]

Origami Butterflies Origami Butterflies

Book and DVDFlapped softcover (8.5x11 inches, 112 pages) with two DVDs

26 projects

This exciting new book with two accompanying DVDs represents the culmination of a lifetime of designing and perfecting the art of origami butterflies. It contains everything you need to create your own unique collection! [more...]

Story-gami Story-gami Kit: Create Origami Using Folding Stories

Book and DVD Boxed kit (8.5x10.8 inches) 80 page book, origami paper packet, with DVD

18 projects

Learn a great collection of origami models in both print and DVD video format. Through the mnemonic of storytelling, the authors make folding these sculptures easy and fun! [more...]

Michael LaFosses Origami Airplanes Michael LaFosse's Origami Airplanes

Book and DVDSoftcover (8.5x10 inches, 96 pages) with DVD

28 projects

You'll find that no fold is too complex when you're able to see, and fold along with master origami artist Michael G. LaFosse! Instructions for 28 fantastic origami airplanes in both print and DVD video format. [more...]

Origami Stationery Origami Stationery Kit

Boxed kit (8.5x8.5 inches, 48 page booklet, 80 sheets of paper, folding tool)

15 projects

Create elegant folded note cards and envelopes for a personal touch! Crystal-clear instructions for 15 creative note cards and holders, plus custom-designed papers will help you create memorable correspondence. [more...]

Geometric Origami Geometric Origami: The Art of Modular Paper Sculpture

Book and DVD Boxed Kit: paperback booklet, 192 sheets of folding paper, with DVD

15 projects

This kit contains everything you need - 192 pieces of double-sided origami paper, a detailed full-color instruction booklet and a DVD with clear step-by-step video instructions. [more...]

Origami Flowers Kit Origami Flowers Kit

Book and DVDBoxed Kit (8.25x8.25 inches) 96 page booklet, 180 sheets origami paper, with 1 DVD

20 projects

Learn a beautiful assortment of origami flowers and leaves in this kit. [more...]

Origami Jewelry Essential Book of Origami

Book and DVD Softcover (8.5x11 inches) 96 pages, with 1 DVD

Sixteen projects specially selected to help anyone develop their origami skills. [more...]

Ultimate Origami for Beginners Kit Ultimate Origami Beginners Kit

Book and DVDBoxed Kit (8.375x8.375 inches) 64 page booklet, 62 sheets origami paper, with 1 DVD

19 projects

Use Ultimate Origami for Beginners to craft eye-catching origami for your friends, to beautify your home, or as a wonderful gift for paper craft lovers. All of the folds are simple enough to be origami-for-kids projects and are a great way to learn origami. [more...]

Origami Studio Kit Origami Studio Kit

Book and DVDBoxed kit (8.5x9.5 inches) 72 page booklet, 70 sheets origami paper, with DVD

30 lessons

Welcome to Origami Studio, an origami workshop-in-a-box! With this kit and the accompanying DVD, you'll learn to fold alongside world-renowned origami artist Michael LaFosse. [more...]

Ethan Plaut The Many Facets of Ethan Plaut (DVD)

90 minutes, menu-driven DVD

9 projects, plus variations

Learn Ethan's novel system for creating great geometric origami projects, and modify or design new modeuls by hybridizing bases. [more...]

Origami Butterflies and Moths Origami Butterflies & Moths (DVD)

3 hours 15 minutes, menu-driven DVD

16 projects, plus varations

Fold along with master origami artist Michael G. LaFosse at your own pace with these 16 beautifully varied butterflies, moths and dragonfly! [more...]

Trash Origami Trash Origami

Book and DVDSoftcover (8.5x11 inches, 96 pages) with DVD

25 projects

Don't dump your wastepaper into the garbage - it's time to fold! We'll show you the way in Trash Origami with 25 fun and innovative origami projects. [more...]

We add new products as they're released - check back frequently, or, if you can't find something you're looking for, please contact us!