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Designed by Michael G. LaFosse

This origami sculpture was created in a moment of inspired spontaneity. There were no preliminary sketches, nor rehearsals. Akira Yoshizawa had given me an orange piece of paper. To me, it seemed to say "goldfish", and so it became one in my hands! Sometimes a model just designs itself. I know that three hours passed when I folded this piece, but I was not mindful of the actual folding sequence. I realized afterwards how focused I must have been to respond to the paper as it was being folded.

If possible, spend some time observing live goldfish. Proportion, shaping, subtlety and elegance will happen at the tips of your thumb and index finger. As you finish this model, your fingers will be folding paper not unlike a charcoal artist's fluid and delicate sketching. Your origami model should exhibit your understanding of this animal's form and activity. As soon as this quality emerges, STOP! Do not overwork this model. :: 808-927-5768 ::
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