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Happy Good-Luck Bat

Designed by Michael G. LaFosse

The bat is a splendid creature. Some pollinate our fruit trees and some our important crops. They keep insect populations in check. They gave us the clues to discover sonar and radar. They produce copious amounts of fertilizer, and they are cute! Many mammals only dream of flying-bats actually get the job done.

This highly stylized bat was inspired by similar, simplified shapes used by the Chinese in their traditional decorative arts. We see this shape grace their pottery, textiles, paintings and carvings. In China, five red bats are a traditional good luck symbol: five is a lucky number; red is a lucky color; the bat is a symbol of good fortune.

With only a few folds, this bat makes an excellent beginner's wet-folding project. Leave the wings closed to make roosting bats, and display them upside-down, huddled in the top corner of a shadow box frame. :: 808-927-5768 ::
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