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Ethan Plaut

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The Many Facets of Ethan Plaut: Building on the Equilateral Triangle

Featuring the work of Ethan Plaut
presented by Origamido Studio
90 minutes, menu-driven DVD

Learn Ethan's novel system for creating great geometric origami projects, and modify or design new models by hybridizing bases.

All pieces were designed by Ethan Plaut.

The DVD table of contents:

1. Basics: Plaut method of forming an equilateral triangle from a square

Simple Star/Flowers

2. Forming indented triangular or square pockets or pop-outs (e.g. single square pyramid)

Pyramid with Indented Sides
Pyramid with Indented Sides

3. Arranging crease patterns / cut-up base tiles to form more complex shapes; Analysis of a form using it to prove a geometric theorem; Light table show of architectural forms / possibilities using these methods

4. Multi-piece models:

3-piece Step Pyramid
Three-Piece Step Pyramid
Kings and Queens Boxes from Playing Cards
Kings and Queens Boxes
5-piece Box
Five-Piece Box
6-piece Box
Six-Piece Box

5. Convex Bird-Base Landscapes

Locked Structures (Outside View)
Locked Structures - Outside
Locked Structures (Inside View)
Locked Structures - Inside

6. Joining crease patterns for hybrid bases

Horned (hybrid) Dragon
Horned Dragon