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Valerie Vann

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The Origami of Valerie Vann: Featuring the Magic Rose Cube

Featuring the work of Valerie Vann
presented by Origamido Studio
115 minutes, menu-driven DVD

Learn the fabulous Magic Rose Cube and other fantastic modular creations in this easy-to-follow, step-by-step video DVD.

All pieces were designed by Valerie Vann.

The DVD table of contents:

1. Gallery

2. Magic Rose Cube - Folding

3. Magic Rose Cube - Assembly
Magic Rose Cube


4. Magic Rose Cube Cubed
Magic Rose Cube Cubed

5. Magic Rose Cube Cubed - Connector Units

6. Magic Rose Cube Cubed - Assembly

7. Magic Rose Cube from Sticky Notes

8. Compass Rose Cube Assembly
Compass Rose Cube

9. Twist Units - Intro and Folding

10. Twist Units (12-element) Assembly
Twist Units 12-elements
11. Twist Units: 30, 40 & 45 Elements
Twist Unit 40-elements

12. Twist Unit Paper Preparations

13. Summary